Why our prices are so low!

We are often asked how we can offer prices lower than other sites. We thought we'd fill you in on the reasons...

Our first priority is to provide outstanding customer service,

which is the most costly part of any e-commerce site.

• While our call center is available during business hours, our ability to quickly handle email questions and responses cuts out the typical 15 minute phone call to a representative. Email questions are filtered and distributed straight to the correct automotive expert.

• While we NEVER outsource Customer Service offshore as many do, we use current technology to assist you as efficiently as possible, which keeps down our salary budget.

• Partners of TheAutoPartsShop.com also own a technology company. Therefore, building and maintaining our site is not outside of regular company costs.

• We build and maintain our site through our offshore office, keeping our technology costs extremely low. Our business supports families (and the economy!!!) right here in the United States of America while providing affordable web and software services to many American companies.

We hope to provide the best on-line shopping experience for all of your automotive needs. We welcome any comments, positive or negative – and will do our best to make you a customer for life.

Thank you,

The crew at www.TheAutoPartsShop.com