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Air Intake Pressure Sensor

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Air Intake Pressure Sensor


Air intake pressure sensor is used to measure the pressure of intake air, atmospheric air and vapor presents in the intake manifold.


It is very important to know the pressure of incoming air for the better performance of the engine operation. If the pressure of the incoming air is increased beyond some limit the density of air decreases according to the gas law. The power output of the engine purely depends upon the air density. If the density of air is less then power output of the engine will also be less. Hence to maintain the pressure of incoming air pressure sensor is a vital component.


A. MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor consists of silicon sealed with a perfect vacuum on one side and intake manifold vacuum on the other side. Intake manifold pressure is directly proportional to the engine speed. As the engine vacuum changes, the pressure difference on the silicon side changes which changes output voltage of the MAP sensor. MAP sensor is used for the deceleration detection, EGR system, and measurement of load on the engine.

B. Barometric pressure sensor also measures the atmospheric air pressure more suitably than MAP. It is vented directly to the atmosphere.

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