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AC Sight Glass

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Sight glass is used to determine the quantity of the refrigerant in the system.


Sight glass is used to indicate the refrigerant level.


As the refrigerant enters the drier, the extra moisture if any, will be absorbed and as such the volume of the refrigerant decreases. Due to less quantity of refrigerant cooling will not be efficient and hence it becomes necessary to add extra refrigerant in order to make the system work accordingly. The sight glass makes it visible if there is any bubble trapped or the level of the refrigerant falls down.

Usually, when the refrigerant level falls, the cooling effect gets reduced even when the AC is working properly. The sight glass helps the user to easily identify this fall in the level of refrigerant. It is located on the receiver/drier which is nearby the condenser. By turning ON the engine as well as the AC, one can easily see the flow of refrigerant through this glass or even small bubbles at high temperatures. When the refrigerant level is low, the flow through the sight glass would be cloudy with intermittent air bubbles, which is an indication to recharge the AC with new refrigerant.

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